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Simply, psychology.

Scott "Abraham" Miller|  host & Producer

Ryan O'donnell (RYANO)  |  Co-host, Producer, & social

Tyler bessire  |  videographer & editor

miranda marie drake  |  content creator

brendan böhr  |  content creator

kara st. pierre  |  Content creator

andrew pawlik  |  digital designer

justin greenhouse|  musician





Create an enjoyable listener experience about psychological concepts that anyone can easily consume.



We're an eclectic group with a lot of ambition. Here's what to expect from the Why We Do What We Do Crew:

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novel production

We're experimenting with a few different styles for future release. So if you're not the biggest fan of our current flow, then bookmark us and make sure to check back.


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It's pretty simple. We're all beginning this adventure and we're not sure what's on the horizon. But one thing is certain. The 8 or so years of hard work in behavioral science and our crazy talented and diverse team is going to make for an awesome resource. 

May 17, 2017: Podcast Launch

It's just the beginning.