Scott Abraham Miller - Why We Do What We Do Podcast


Host & Producer

Scott Abraham Miller received his undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR).  Scott moved to Florida where he completed his Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management at the Florida Institute of Technology.  He completed his Master's Thesis on Precision Teaching, an area of research and application he continues to pursue.  His interests include language and cognition, measurement, education, and exploring and expanding the utility of behavioral science.  "Abraham" is currently a doctoral student that University of Nebraska Medical Center.




Co-host, producer, & social

Ryan O’Donnell (AKA "RYANO") is a graduate of Florida Institute of Technology’s applied behavior analysis master’s program.  Prior to attending Florida Tech, he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno. His major interests include measurement, philosophical positions in psychology, dissemination of behavioral science, successful applications of behavioral technology to real-world issues, and large-scale practical applications of behavioral technology.  He works as a Learning Systems Development Specialist at High Sierra Industries, Co-Founder of the Next Gen Revolution Summit, and is Co-Founder of the Institute of Meaningful Instruction, LLC based in Reno, NV. Keep up to date with what he's up to through his YouTube Channel.

Ryan O'Donnell - Why We Do What We Do Podcast

Tyler Bessire - Why We Do What We Do Podcast

Tyler Bessire

Videographer & editor

Tyler aspires to share his love of comedy to the world through video. He is also interested in understanding what's up with people and believes that a better understanding will lead to more relateable content and a better overall lifestyle. 


Miranda Marie Drake

Content Creator

After double majoring in theater and psychology with hope of answering the age-old (and cliche) question, “Why do people do what they do?”, Miranda landed on Behavior Analysis and hasn’t looked back. A Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) and teacher by day, Miranda in interested in language and cognition, Theory of Mind and social skills training, and treating behavioral excesses with a person-centered, function-based approach. By night she enjoys considering literature, comedy and current events through a behavioral science lens, watching birds, doing yoga and cooking yummy food. Miranda is currently enrolled in Florida Institute of Technology’s M.A. in Professional Behavior Analysis  program.

Miranda Marie Drake - Why We Do What We Do Podcast

Brendan Böhr - Why We Do What We Do Podcast

Brendan Böhr

Content Creator

Böhr hails from the northern countrysides of Manitoba, Canada. He likes his climate like he likes his data: cold, uncompromising, and breathtaking. He is a master of science; that is, he has a dual M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis & Organizational Behavior Management. He has used this degree to help families in need in Manitoba, Florida, and Washington State. Böhr's primary interest is in the theoretical, unconventional, and novel application of behavioral science. This includes plants, dragonflies, hippies, squirrels, virtual reality, and cybernetics. He values creativity and making socially significant impacts above all. He also likes creating art and staring very, very closely at plants.

Kara St. Pierre

Content Creator

Kara received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Manitoba in 2011. On convocation day, the call for hire came from St. Amant Autism Programs and Kara started her Autism Tutor position. Kara immediately fell in love with behavioral science as she saw meaningful changes happening in the lives of the people she supported.  Kara now works as an Autism Consultant at St. Amant providing support to preschool and school-aged children. She is pursuing her Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at St. Cloud State and is struggling to pick just one thesis topic. Her interests include treatment utility of assessments, hiking mountains, integration of behavioral science in classrooms, film analysis, self management systems, and bringing evidence-based supports to remote groups.

Kara St. Pierre - Why We Do What We Do Podcast



Andrew Pawlik

Digital designer

Andrew is a digital designer/web developer living in Northern Utah and working for Maverik corporate. He specializes in branding and internet marketing strategy for large and small businesses alike. When he's not knee deep in photoshop layers or javascript code, he can be found hiking and canyoneering the beautiful Utah wild or at the local game store playing Magic the Gathering. For information about design/web services, go to


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